News from the Dawn Treader and the SunChaser

July 2020 Edition

The Dentist School turned out to be a bust, as it was closed due to COVID!
The other reason for our detour into Iowa did not pan out either.
So we will be in search of a Dentist as we travel, and thankful it is not an emergency-yet!
Our Slideout Topper will also have to wait. We need two ladders to replace it.
On our solar front, Dawn ordered a Solar Water Heater and Shower Cabana for our wilderness ventures as well as a Sun Shield for the front windshield.  We tried them out before leaving Iowa and the Sunshield keeps the interior at least 8-10 degrees cooler.  
On our way to Aurora, Nebraska, we made one last stop in Iowa and picked up a half sheet of ¼ inch plywood to line our rack because the bars are causing damage to one of the kayaks, and had lunch at Golden Coral.  Then to COSTCO and filled up for $1.75 in Omaha where the closed Dental School is.
Only 2 stops were made, one at Nebraska City Rest stop and one at Wal-Mart in York, Nebraska for last minute shopping.
The parking lot and store still seems empty compared to last year.
The Sculpture is one of a series and we saw some of the others last year on our way back to Florida.
Streeter Park in Aurora greeted us with an almost empty parking area.
Once again last year it was almost completely full and also the city was having ARor'N days which were canceled this year because of COVID.
 This has been especially hard for the city as they depend on donations from the campground and income from tourists.
This was disappointing as it was a great time last year and we were looking forward to it again this year.
 We stayed through Friday so the kayak rack could be fixed and we could have dinner at Rath’s which is only open for dinner on Fridays.
Little Home Town places like this generally have great food at reasonable prices and Rath’s is a great example.
We drove straight through to Bayard, Nebraska for a 2 day stay.
Again last year all spots were taken and that was late in the season, September!
The next stop was Scottsbluff for one last visit to another favorite restaurant, San Pedro Authentic Mexican Foods.
Hopefully Nebraska and the hot weather will be left behind for the Northern Trek! 
From Scottsbluff the next stop was Douglas Wyoming and only slightly north.
The 2 day stay required the use of Air Conditioning for about 7 hours total. Night time was comfortable enough without it.
Douglas, Wyoming is the origin of Jackalope. The Jackalope is a mythical animal of North America Folklore.
They are considered fearsome critters! In the 1930s Douglas Herrick and his brother, who was into Taxidermy, grafted deer antlers onto a Jackrabbit Carcass and sold them to a local hotel. They made and sold many to a retail outlet in South Dakota after that another Taxidermist continued. They have been spotted from Lake Superior to Arizona and beyond, even to Australia where a pub in Newcastle uses a Leaping Jackalope as its logo.
The Batteries Plus in Casper was on the way and so we stopped to see if they had our batteries. It was also an excuse to visit one of our favorite restaurants in Wyoming. 
Batteries Plus had our batteries so we made the switch right in the parking lot. One of the batteries tested marginal so replacing now was the best idea. 
 Eating dinner at Sanford’s Pub ‘n Grub, is always fun, great menu, good prices and taste great!
The next stop on the way north was Billings, Montana.
It is a stop over to pick up some needed things and gas up at COSTCO as well as do a complete battery check.
We have had three stops where electric was provided, however we are now entering Boondocking country.
The solar system is working top notch and the batteries are back to full performance. There is also a Batteries Plus in Billings in case there turned out to be a problem.

I am happy to report the whole solar system is working top notch again.
It is wonderful to be moving again after almost 3 months of isolation. The news letter is getting longer as the trek north continues. The journey is about 1 to 2 months behind our normal schedule.
Montana requires boat inspection and a $10 permit for each kayak. (Non motorized boats in any water area and the permit is good until December 31, 2020)
They are fighting Zebra Mussels.
So we had to stop at the Montana boarder as well as twice in Wyoming.
Dawn bought a new pan that cooks 3 things at a time to save on propane.
She also decorated our shower with air plants and are living in some large snail shells we got in Florida before we left Turkey Creek
I nearly jumped out of my skin taking the first shower thinking one was a giant spider!
We will be on our way to Lewistown in the mornig and hopefully will get dental work there.
Will report Next News letter, and hopefully there will be some good news about COVID for a change!


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