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January 2021

Emergency News from Dawn Treader

Since 2012 a news letter has been published monthly, and our hopes are that it will continue.
Recent events in the United States have forced some changes in our lifestyle.
We not only had E-mail subscription but a Facebook page as well, however Facebook restricted our account and it has been deleted.
In the 9 years of publication our news letter was only about our travels and boat restoration however now I must speak out.
Anyone offended simply unsubscribe returning E-mail with unsubscribe in the subject line.  
In order to take over control of a country it is necessary to divide and silence the opposition either outright or censorship.
Both have been accomplished by the “Social Democrats” and un-elected dictators in the media and Silicon Valley “Big Tech” such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
When Network News is allowed to censor the President, we are living under a dictatorship.
A dictatorship controlled by not only big tech money but corrupt public officials that stand alongside for their own gain.  
Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, what has just transpired is the loss of our Republic.
If you still consider the past election fair consider this one simple fact.
There are roughly 132 Million Registered Voters in the US.
If President Trump received 75 million votes where did the 80 Million for Biden come from?
In 1934 Adolf Hitler used much the same to take control of Germany.
Books were banned and burned, and his motto ‘Believe only what you are told, there would be chaos if everyone thought for themselves, became the national motto.
A people were singled out for blame and persecution and a World went to war for freedom!
My last simple question is simply, does any of this sound familiar?
In our upcoming regular newsletter will contain our efforts to return Dawn Treader to the sea as well as information about current platforms and Skype to attempt to keep communication open as we sail south.  
Dawn and Charlie back aboard the Dawn Treader.


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