News from the Dawn Treader

and the SunChaser

December 2020


December is just a dismal month.
The election is a joke and a giant con, and anyone who believes it was honest please return with Unsubscribe in the subject line. 
We will be getting the Dawn Treader ready to take to sea again.
Other than the fact we are alive and reasonably healthy we have little to celebrate this year.
This year we lost our economy, a good friend and our freedom to travel unencumbered. 
Unless something is done, we will literally lose our Democratic Republic and voting will become a useless gesture.
As for the boat news, the Dawn Treader held up well in storage and hopefully the only major repair will be the Fuel Injection Pump.
Had all this COVID crap and economic downturn not happened we would be looking at replacing the engine with a newer more reliable one.
Thankfully, we know how to use the big white things; however an engine is useful to get in and out of the docks.
We are installing 320 Watts of solar panels on the Davits that were designed and built totally from composites for this purpose (Book Available)
There are 470 Watts on our motor home and when it was only 270 Watts the batteries were kept charged.
The Big Difference is the refrigerator.
The boat must have a compressor type which will use a bit more power.
We also have a small portable 7 AMP generator.
Other improvements planned are a much needed gimbaled stove and oven, and possibly a Adler Barber Super Cold Machine, and some new halyards.
All of this will cost less than $2000!
The boatyard provides basics such as Showers, BBQ Grill, and trash pickup and mail delivery.
Our good friends Doug and Prudence provide a place to park while we are not working on the boat.
Steve from the sailing club is going to provide a mooring for a low cost while we do sea trials and such.
Basically we have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C and they all depend on what happens in the next 2 months!
Our trip home was not the normal joyous occasion, COVID has stripped our lives and so much has been lost because of it.
We did manage to visit a few friends and favorite places on the way to the boat.
One of our favorite restaurants in Sebring is a mere shadow of what it once was and the quality has slipped, however they were forced to close for 9 months.
Compared to the motor home the boat is luxury accommodations and it is good that it did not sell last year as it would have been our freedom we sold. 


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