Spring is here! We are still waiting to get our home back to live on! It's been a long journey and is in God's hands!

News from the Dawn Treader and SunChaser

April 2024


Last Month was the story of our life together.
Dawn and I started our relationship with the sailboat; we have known no other life.
During the last two months we have been working on restoring systems.
The most aggravating of these is the engine’s High Pressure Fuel Pump.
The internal governor was improperly set byt the first rebuilder!
This problem prevented our boat from leaving Florida on 5 different occasions and is the reason we were damaged by Hurricane Ian.
Among the things that have been replaced during this time were the Bilge Pump, Solar Panels, the Solar Controller, as well as the Onboard Battery Charger. 
The opportunity to upgrade the charging system included A 40 AMP Charger replacing the old 20 AMP one, and the defective Solar Controller, was replaced by a 40 Amp MPPT Controller from Renogy. 
The Jib Sail got new Sheets (Rope to control the sail)
Other minor repairs are being performed while waiting for the Injection Pump is being rebuilt.
However the engine fuel system is still a problem and a Diesel Mechanic has taken over the job.
The news letter is late because we were holding it thinking we would now be in the Marina.
I have also experienced some “Interesting” health issues. 
Nothing major but time consuming and scheduled for surgery on the 13 of May. 
The big news for the month is that our new “little friend” is getting used to living in the motor home. 
We rescued a Bantam Silky Chicken which we named Elvis the Seagoing Silky; however he has not been introduced to the sailboat yet because of all the problems. ‘
We have taken him on a few outings in the motor home and the little guy is a hit wherever we take him.



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