News from the Dawn Treader

and the SunChaser

January 2021



January finds us between the boatyard in Placida and Doug’s house to prepare Dawn Treader for a long journey!

Solar panels have been installed and new batteries as the Dawn Treader returns to life.


Repairing the Fuel Injection Pump was first on the agenda. Some of the parts must come all the way from England.

The bad news is that th cause was the changes in the diesel fuel formulation. The pump literally digested itself because the new fuel has a lack of lubrication! There is a special additive that prevents that that we just found out about.


The solar panels have been mounted and wired into the battery compartment.

3 new AGM 105 AH batteries installed, and every day the 320 Watt Solar Panels bring the batteries to float.

So far this has been enough to run the refrigerator as well as other 110 V accessories through the 2500 Watt Inverter.


Our goal to launch the boat this month does not look like a reality.

We decided to meet our other boat/motor home friends, Craig and Andrea, in Mystic Springs which is another of our favorite campgrounds in Florida.


While at Doug’s we all made a trip to Cheney Brothers Wholesale Restaurant Supply, and like COSTCO most was way too large for us but we bought some great Prime Filet Mignon.

8 in the package for $40!


The newsletter is a bit late because my computer committed suicide and we are writing from Mystic Springs while we meet and visit with Craig and Andrea as well as visiting Melissa while she visits her son in the Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.  

He was burned badly but is recovering!


On a business note, we are searching for another way to E-Mail our newsletters.  

We have deleted our Facebook account because of all the new restrictions they placed on that account.

We have both opened a MeWe account 

and I have created a Boat and RV Travel group as well.


Also my Biography/Poetry book has been published and is available through Amazon


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We are attempting to cut cost to cover the expensive engine repairs and to find better service.

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